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Welcome to our Genealogy Research Page

  Welcome to the Kisabeth Historical Review. This web page is a spin-off of our Family tree newsletter. This will not take the place of the newsletter but act as a supplement. The web is a faster way to update happenings of the Kisabeth - Kissenberth - Kisseberth - Kisaberth - Kispert - D'haene - Birchall and Kuschwert families. Yes that's some of the spellings that came down through the ages (and census takers). In these pages we will try to update you on happenings in the clan and the status and location of our Family Reunion and some excerpts from our newsletter


Reunion Message


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 Plymouth High School  Class of 56 web page

  We do have the Beech pavilion rented  for the forth Saturday in July. That would be July 22, 2017.

  This year it will be held as a picnic so everybody will have to bring their own lunch.  There will be no food to pass. Last year turn out was so small the reunion type activity has be canceled.

 We will still have much information about our ancestors so please come and join us.

The Kisabeth name is just the tip of the data  we have uncovered.  Names like Kissenberth, Kisseberth, Frost, Birchall, D’Haene, McFarland, Cole and others. Please come and find out about your heritage. Held at Meadowbrook park, Bascom Ohio.    www.mbpark.org