Kisabeth Historical Review

Küschwert to Kisabeth Book

       The book will concentrate on the origin of the name and have chapters on the descendents of the first settlers in America (Kisseberth). It will try to give the reader a view of the migration to America by our early forefathers.  A quick glimpse of the past will be in the first few chapters and then each of the original ancestors will have their descendants traced to the present.  Along with the book will be a CDROM for a IBM PC compatible computer. The CD contains the book in PDF format and Family tree Charts. This is not a generic book. it is after much research that this book was printed.

The book will be spiral bound and have  pictures and photos. The book has over 300 pages of stories and pictures.

   The cost will be $35.00 and will includes a PC Compatible CDROM with the book printed in Adobe PDF format. The CD also includes other extras. Shipping is included in the cost.

TOC Sample Pages