Kisabeth Historical Review

    Most of our readers are familiar with our Kisseberth immigration history. In future issues of our newsletter we are going to provide information on the immigration of our other surname spellings. We will tell of the arrivals of our Kispert, Kuespert, Küspert and Kissenberth families. Also if you have any specific information and/or stories of your family’s immigration please contact us.

Kisseberth Immigration – 1842

    Back in the late 1990s I wrote our Kisseberth immigration story which appears in our 2002 book “Küschwert to Kisabeth” based on the records from Nieder-Kinzig, Germany. These records are from an old book of the village history. It shows a Georg Friedrich Kisseberth I., his wife, two sons and one daughter having left for America in the summer of 1842. The book also shows Georg Friedrich Kisseberth II., his wife, one daughter and two sons also leaving in the same year.

Since 1985 we have searched countless records, microfiche and microfilm reels trying to locate our specific ship passengers list. We suspected that the family emigrated from Germany between April and August 1842 with one brother coming to America ten years prior in 1832.

      For the past 23 years our search proved futile. That is until last fall when we visited the Allen County (Indiana) Library (2nd largest genealogical library in the U.S.A.).

In our prior research we knew about the 1842 arrival but did not have specific information on the date and port of arrival and the name of the ship. We also didn’t even know the European port. While researching general information on our family tree we found a microfilm copy of ships arriving in New York Harbor in the1800s and specifically ships arriving in 1842. There were films for every two months of the year. We grabbed a few and started searching (probably for the last time). The first film we hit pay dirt! About two thirds of the way through this large film we found our ancestors. The person or persons recording this film had our name indexed wrong. This listing was a prize. It not only had both the Georg Friedrich Kisseberths, I & II, but also Elizabeth Daum and Georg Konig (who became George King later). Both of these names married into the Kisseberth family.

The information on the film showed that the group arrived in New York Harbor on July 1, 1842 on the ship “Baltimore.” They left from the port of Le Havre, France.

Briefly what follows is a summary of this recent film.

July 1, 1842 Le Havre, France to New York

aboard Ship SS Baltimore.


    Name spelled – Kessenbrith

George      Kessenbirth      age 36   actually was      Georg Friendrich Kisseberth    1806-1870

Anna         Kessenbirth     age 38                           Anna Maria Widder                1802-1874

Maria        Kessenbirth      age 17                           Anna Maria Kisseberth           1826- ?

Johanne    Kessenbirth      age  9                            John Kiseberth                      1830-1908

Wilhelm    Kessenbirth      age  8                            William Kisseberth                1833-1905

Henrick     Kessenbirth      age 64                           George Friedrich Kisseberth Sr. 1777- ?

Catherine  Kessenbirth      age 62                           Maria Catherina (Schimpf)       1782- ?

Philip       Kessenbirth       age 26                           Philip Kisabeth Sr.                  1815-1892

Margaretta Kessenbirth      age 23                           Elizabeth (Kisseberth) King     1821-1879

George     Koenig              age 28                           George King                        1810-1885

Elizabeth  Dauman            age 22                            Elizabeth (Daum) Kisabeth      1817-1880

George     Dauman            age  1                             George Kisabeth                      1840-1879