Kisabeth Historical Review

Our DNA tests

Our DNA has been tested by three test sites. We have been tested by Ancestry, Familytreedna and 23andme.

The good news is that Gerald and Gordon are indeed brothers.

  Our DNA tested as  R1b1b2a1a1d which is a subgroup of R1b1b2. This shows a 99.0% European ancestry.

    It breaks down to 30.6% French and German, 8.6% British a & Irish and 31.4% Scandinavian. Also 31.4% Broadly Northern European. It breaks down to 9.9% Eastern European, 4.8% Balkan, 1.7% broadly Southern European and 9.9% Broadly European.

 We found a lot of 2nd to 5th cousins. The closest so far id Mr. Jürgen Keilberth which comes from the area of Germany that the Küschwert were from.

 Most of the relatives tested were from the McClellan side of the family.

We need some Kisseberth, Kissenberth, Küschwert, Kisabeth, Kispert and Birchalls, and D’Haene and other to have there DNA tested.

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