Kisabeth Historical Review

        I have attempted to list all written records of our old medieval name of Küschwert and its similar spellings. Undoubtedly, there will be additions to this list in the future as old records are still being uncovered but this is the most complete list and I believe the first attempt to gather all written records of our old spelling. My sources are the Wunsiedel Archive, Ahnentafel Fickert, Landbuch der Sechsämter von 1499, Reichssteurregister 1497 (tax list), Karl Reichert, Kenneth Hieronymi, Ahnentafel Kisseberth & Küspert and The University of Leipzig Archive.

Name     Date(s)      Location

Kueschwert, Albrecht 1499 Reichenbach

Kuschwert, Alexander** born 1561 Wertheim am Main

Küschwert , Andreas 1731 Reichenbach......

Küschwert , Andreas around 16290-1637Redwitz

Küschwert , Anna married 1587 Reichenbach

Küschwert , Anna born 1618

Küschwert , Barbara married 1559 Breitenbrunn

Küschwert , Barbara born 1726 Reichenbach

Küschwert , Barbara born 1544 Sinatengrün

Kischwert , Barbara married 1642 Rügersgrün

Kueschwerdt, Barthel born 1541 Sinatengrün

Kueschwerdt, Caspar mentioned 1569 Rügersgrün

Küschwert , Christoph married 1553 Reichenbach

Küspert , Dorothea* born 1550 Sinatengrün

Küspert , Elias* born 1669 Weißenstadt.

Kueschwerdt, Elisabeth born 1538 Sinatengrün

Kueschwert, Elisabeth born 1546 Breitenbrunn

Kußwerth , Erhart mentioned 1497 Weißenstadt

Küschwert , Erhard baptized 1553 Reichenbach

Küspert , Ernst* born 1582 Wunsiedel

Küspert , Georg* married 1576 Wunsiedel

Küschwerdt, Georg mentioned 1554 Wertheim am Main

Küschwert , Georg around 1586-1602 Redwitz

Kußwarth , Hans tax register 1497 Breitenbrunn

Kueschwerdt, Hans born about 1480 Breitenbrunn

Kueschwerdt, Hans married 1540 Breitenbrunn

Küspert, Hans* Nagel

Küschwert , Hans born about 1475 Sinatengrün

Küschwert, Heinrich 1494-1513 pastor Weißenstadt

Kueschwerdt, Heinrich born 1539 Breitenbrunn

Kußwerth, Herman tax register 1497 Weißenstadt

Küschwert, Jacob born about 1425 Sinatengrün

Kueschwerdt, Jakob married 1538 Sinatengrün

Küschwert, Johann born 1696 Reichenbach

Küschwert, Johann born 1724 Reichenbach

Küschwert, Johann student 1500 Leipzig

Küspert Johann Adam* born 1701 Weißenstadt

Küspert , Joh. Michael* born 1743 Weißenstadt

Küschwert, Kaspar born 1657 Reichenbach

Kueschwerdt, Katharina born 1548 Sinatengrün

Küschwert , Kunigunda baptized 1553 Reichenbach

Küschwert , Kunz mentioned 1442-1451 Wunsiedel

Kußwarth , Lorenz tax register 1497 Breitenbrunn

Kueschwerdt, Lorentz married 1541 Breitenbrunn

Kueschwerdt, Maria born 1558 Sinatengrün

Küspert, Magdalena* born 1616

Küschwert .. Magdalena born 1728 Reichenbach

Kueschwerdt, Magdalena born 1544 Breitenbrunn

Küspert, Margaretha born around 1515 Sinatengrün.

Kueschwerdt, Margaretha born 1542 Breitenbrunn

Kueschwerdt, Margaretha married 1535 Breitenbrunn

Kueschwerdt, Margaretha married 1564 Sinatengrün

Küspert, Margaretha*married 1659

Küschwert , Michel baptized 1558 Reichenbach

Kischwert , Michael died 1640 Rügersgrün

Küschwert, Nicol married 1553 Weißenstadt

Küschwert, Nikolaus born about 1480 Weißenstadt

Küspert, Ulrich* married 1659

Kueschwerdt, Veit. born about 1508 Breitenbrunn

Küspert, Wolf* born 1581

Küspert, Wolf* born 1620.... Weißenstadt

Additional miscellaneous names

Kueschwertin, (a woman) tax register 1497 ......Hohenberg an der Eger Kuschwirth, Caroline Wilhelmine bap. 1804......Dreifaltigkeit- Berlin Kuschwirth, Christian Ludwig about 1780 ............Dreifaltigkeit- Berlin Kuschwirth, Carl Heinrich baptized 1825............Jerusalem - Berlin Kuschwirth, Wilhelmine Henrietta about 1805......Jerusalem - Berlin Kuschwert, Anna 1591-1617............Austria * = All listed Küspert names above are also spelled Küschwert ** = Alexander Kuschwert was also known as Kuiswirth, Kisibert & Kisseberth


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